Art Post: Fleur du Mal

Another character from the still-in-research-and-planning stage pulp serial The Advent Chronicles, Fleur du Mal is a good-time girl who kind of charges for her good times. She knows a lot of people and one day she wants to be Clara Bow. Or Louise Brooks. The sad truth is, Fleur (who has been “19” ever since she moved to New York some years ago) is never going to make it out of the speakeasies and onto the stage, never mind all the way to California to be on the big screen.

For this picture, and for Fleur in general, I’ve used Anastasia Reilly as a model. I wasn’t intending to use hatching to shade her, but was in the process of drawing her hair when I realised I just could not be arsed with more colour work, more fake sepia after the fact, and more extrapolation from a black and white photograph. Ordinarily I don’t use lines for shading because I have a despicable wobble in my hands (and I never draw free-hand because my hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired. Like some hand-eye coordination), but this seems to have worked out well enough just by working at an obnoxiously high degree of zoom and size (the original was about 2000 pixels wide, at 300 dpi).

Of course this led to wondering where Fleur would have a pen drawing of herself, and the idea of knock-off cigarette cards as business cards came to me:

Click image for prints & cards

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