Art Post: Maddy Richards and Matthew Needham Completed

An updated version of this post! I can’t be doing with typing out a description of these characters a second time and it seems a little boorish to just copy and paste, so if you fancy learning more about them click the link.

What I’ve done in both instances here is to use stock material for the wooden background and the frames (Maddy’s is a computer-generated frame and Matthew’s is a scan of an actual frame, neither of which were my doing), and to colour in full colour before limiting the palette and introducing a colour layer.

And then fiddling endlessly with contrast and brightness layers, blur filters, etc, etc., but let’s not get into that.

Here’s Maddy, you can see the full-colour version of her on the previous post:

There’s film grain filters by the dozen on this, and I’m infinitely more pleased by how 20s-looking it is; this was probably down to the reference material being a photo taken in the 1920s!

Matthew’s line-art was on display in the previous post, but no colour work. I have him in my head as a garish dresser who looks like an assault on the eyeball, and I’m afraid that without the guidance of a 1920s photo to hand I went a little over-the-top with colouring:

Of course at the time I was thinking there was still too much flat colour and that I hadn’t built up enough depth, because I’m ridiculous and had completely forgotten that I was going to be blurring and filtering the image once I’d coloured it…

I’m still not wholly happy with the palette of the main picture, but the blurry little service photo stuffed into the corner of the frame looks fine. The main image, I think, could have benefited from a little more cojones on my part and a willingness to see my previous work get a little muddier and more desaturated – and possibly to tweak the palette so that it wasn’t quite so red.

Still, I have plenty more cast pictures to work on while I avoid finishing my Hycinth and Apollo painting and my Icarus painting, so there will be time to learn from my mistakes. (The cast paintings are fun because they only take a day even with my slow work methods, unlike Hyacinth and Apollo who have been waiting for the better part of this year).


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