And with that, I’m up and flying, with the labyrinth behind me…

The Icarus Anthology (still need a slightly better title, I think!) will be taking submissions until the first of August 2012. [If you don’t want to click the link for an explanation, the Cliff Notes version is: it’s an anthology of literary and art work that will be published by House of D Publications with all profits being donated to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders after have taken their cut. The previous charity anthology published by House of D for MSF raised approximately £250 and is still for sale.]


  • Your submission should in some way relate to one of the many versions of the myth of Icarus that are available from any number of sources. It can do so metaphorically, transformatively, or conventionally. As long as there is a recognisable strand of the Icarus story it’s good!
  • Please do not submit any erotic/pornography to this anthology; while we’re very much in favour of those things, this anthology will be checked over by fundraising staff at MSF and if the content isn’t acceptable to them we will not be allowed to use the MSF logo. If you submit pornography or erotica we won’t be able to accept it and you will have wasted all that time!

Submission Guidelines

  • We will be taking: short stories between 500 and 5000 words long, poetry, and line art. If you have art involving shading you would like to submit we are receptive, but please note it may be rejected due to quality of paper stock.
  • Submissions should be proof-read and rendered as close to how you would like to see them printed. If any changes have to be made, I will email you and come to an agreement about them.
  • Art should be submitted as either .JPG or .PNG files; if you save as .JPG please use minimal compression. We require a minimum dpi of 300dpi for print, and would prefer images to be at least 1000 pixels wide – after all we can make pictures smaller but increasing their size just leads to artefacts!
  • All submissions to be sent to delilahdesanges [at] on or (preferably) before the first of August 2012.


  • If you’re unsure about whether your story/art/poem comes close enough to the theme of the anthology, please feel free to email me and discuss it (but try to have the courage of your convictions, I can assure you more changes to the central story will not disqualify you!)
  • If you’re worried about whether your submission might skate too close to being erotica/porn, please again feel free to email me and discuss it.

Once again: I am now taking submissions at delilahdesanges [at] for poetry, short stories, and line art pertaining to the myth of Icarus, and I will continue to take them until the first of August 2012. Please distribute this post (and the previous one about this anthology) as widely as you can, and have fun creating!


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