Jewellery Post: Bees, Whiskey, and Victoriana

These items are all listed on my Etsy store, and the images link to their individual listings.

21 inch / 53.5 centimetre black and yellow acrylic bead necklace with silver plate stamping pendant and gold plate clasp; this item comes with free earrings.

The perfect gift for the queen bee in your life, this honey-lovers’ necklace is funky and bright and comes with bee-heart earrings. Wear it with whatever you like, it’s bound to turn heads, and it’s a real one-of-a-kind!

This necklace is £8.99, the earrings are free!

19 inch / 48 centimetre brass chain, vintage glass pearl, hematite, black rhinestone and black and white flower cameo necklace, and copper tone watch closure.

This beautiful black and white, brass-chained botanical piece of Gothic Victoriana is perfect for steampunk outfits, formal wear, and really adding character to an outfit without blinding your friends with bling. It is sturdy in spite of delicate appearance, and will take being worn to conventions and also possibly some LARP. (Don’t whack it with a sword, though).

Chain can be shortened on request – the necklace is meant to sit high, so if you have a dainty neck please let me know!

This necklace is £14.99

22 inch / 56 centimetre coppertone chain necklace with acrylic beads, glass beads, hematite beads, vintage and new glass pearls, coppertone watch closure, acrylic cameo, and black rhinestone accents.

A gothic Victorian confection with a veritable waterfall of hanging beads, this statement piece is perfect for big outfits. Each of the connecting chains in the central web is created with tiny bead links, hand-made, and despite its substantial size it is very light to wear. Absolutely perfect as costume jewellery.

Chain can be shortened on request – the necklace is intended to sit high, so if you have a dainty neck please let me know!

This necklace is £15.99

18 and a half to 21 inch / 47 to 53.5 centimetre glass and aventurine bead necklace on silver plate pins with stainless steel vintage whiskey tag, gunmetal chain drop and vintage extension chain at back.

Cute and original, this colour-colours necklace is great for parties (and for ordering more drinks in loud bars!).

This necklace is £11.99


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