But I go too high; the sun is melting through the wax.

Moderately hot on the heels – possibly even cool on the heels – of Help: Twelve Tales of Healing(which was published in 2010 to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières and raised a good £250 or so), I’m masochistically keen to publish another anthology.

I’m not quite sure why this urge crops up occasionally (prior to Help there was also the Diorama Comics Halloween Anthology, a limited edition small press anthology of comics and short stories to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund) as charity anthology publishing is extremely similar to herding cats and with the added annoyance of not being able to pull a Bastard Editor on the contributors and bellow “I AM PAYING YOU TO DO THIS”; but nonetheless it does resurface from time to time. It invariably at some point involves roping someone else into the mess to play Good Cop (for some reason an editorial role people are a far more willing to play than Bad Cop or The Person Who Has To Typeset And Title All This Stuff), which in the case of the Halloween Anthology was the mind-bustingly patient Catharine Bell Wetteroth and in the case of Help was one of the contributors, the terrifyingly positive Megan Fennell; it invariably at some point involves me privately calling every single one of the contributors a bad name as the deadline approaches and no manuscripts appear.

In my experience the best thing is to set the deadline at least a fortnight before it realistically needs to be, so that one can provide “extensions” to the kind of writers for whom the word “deadline” means “when I should start writing”.

In spite of all this, I’m casting around for contributors again. I don’t have a deadline set yet, as I’m still throwing out my tendrils to see if I can get together enough people to make this possible, but the tentative facts of the case so far are:

  • I’m taking line art (shading etc. won’t show up on the paper it’ll be published on, so it will need to be fairly heavy line art as well), short stories, poetry, and articles on, about, or in reference to the story of Icarus.
  • The profits (not the proceeds, the profits: this is published Print on Demand, and I can’t control the cut they take from the cover price) will go to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières.
  • If you have any questions about this or suggestions, drop me a line at delilahdesanges [at] gmail.com.
Daedalus Attaching Wings to Icarus, by  Pyotr Ivanovich Sokolov
Daedalus Attaching Wings to Icarus, by Pyotr Ivanovich Sokolov

9 thoughts on “But I go too high; the sun is melting through the wax.

  1. I would definitely be interested in submitting a short story to this. I think the cause is so worth it, I mean Doctors without Borders do so much good!
    Definitely count me in. And even if my story doesn’t get in, I’ll be pimping this out to everybody I know.

    1. Excellent! Please keep an eye on this blog, I’ll post again with details of length of submissions and deadlines and so on when I’ve worked them out.

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